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I hate when people are like “Oh its your family, you have to love them!”

Um no, fuck you.

Sometimes your family members are bad people. Sometimes they do bad things to you. And there is no reason at all why you have to love them.

You are allowed to hate whoever you want if they treat you badly

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top fifty episodes || buffy the vampire slayer 
 25. Bring On The Night

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top fifty episodes || buffy the vampire slayer 
 26. Who Are You

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I’m not going. All of this is just going to happen again, and again, and again… So I’m getting off this m e r r y - g o - r o u n d.  I’m gonna die here with the bones of my ancestors and it beats the hell out of being out there with Cavil. I’m gonna die in the cold and the dark before Cavil catches up with us.

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Look at you, trying to do what’s right - just like her. You still don’t get it. It’s not about right. Not about wrong. It’s about power.

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You shouldn’t have to touch me  w h e n  I ’ m  l i k e  t h i s .

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i like witches: willow rosenberg (buffy the vampire slayer)
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